2011-GA09 General Atmosphere
2011-MP07 Marketplace
2011-Keynote06 Keynote Session
2011-pl16 Plenary Session 1: From Kampala to Bangkok: Marking Progress, forging solutions
2011-PL2-18 Plenary Session 2: Have leaders made a difference?: how leadership can show the way towards  the MDGs
2011-PL3-03 Plenary Session 3: Professional Leadership and Education for 21st Century
2011-PL4-02 Plenary Session 4: Making HRH Innovation Work for Strengthening Health Systems
2011-PS1-01 Parallel Session 1: Leading towards health workforce development at country level: what will it take?
2011-PS2-01 Parallel Session 2: Saving in the frontlines: personal experiences and country strategies for retention of HRH in rural areas
2011-PS3-10 Parallel Session 3: Will the WHO Global Code stop the brain drain? What will it take to succeed?
2011-PS4-07 Parallel Session 4: Do GHIs contribute to equity in access to HRH?
2011-PS5-09 Parallel Session 5: Economic fluctuations, universal health coverage and the health workforce
2011-PS6-07 Parallel Session 6: Overcoming HRH crises in conflict and post-conflict situations
2011-PS7-10 Parallel Session 7: High Level Roundtable: Working together for health workers (by invitation)
2011-PS8-04 Parallel Session 8: Building Capacity  to Translate HRH Evidence into Action to Sustain HRH Policy, Decisions and System Strengthening
2011-PS9-01 Parallel Session 9: Innovative solutions for strengthening HRH information systems
2011-PS10-10 Parallel Session 10: Scaling up HRH towards equity
2011-PS11-05 Parallel Session 11: Seeking the stamp of good quality? Imperatives of HRH regulation and accreditation
2011-PS12-02 Parallel Session 12: Financing health worker education and training
2011-PS13-18 Parallel Session 13: Dedicated Spirit: The Charm and Charisma of HRH
2011-PS14-05 Parallel Session 14: The UN Secretary General Global Strategy for Women's and Children's health: what will be done about the workforce?
2011-PS15-05 Parallel Session 15: Building Capacity to generate evidence in HRH action oriented research
2011-PS16-01 Parallel Session 16: Innovative education and training for HRH
2011-PS17-01 Parallel Session 17: HRH situation and trend in developed countries and their potential implications to developing countries
2011-PS18-14 Parallel Session 18: Trend in health services and impact on HRH
2011-PS19-13 Parallel Session 19: Self reliance to health and well being through local resources and knowledge
2011-PS20-02 Parallel Session 20: Skills mix to achieve universal access to essential health care
2011-Synthesis01 Conference Synthesis
2011-HRH13 Human Resources for Health Awards and Closing Session